Crossing Over

To watch the broadcasts that Dr. Pidgeon recorded with Jessica Arellanes over the past month, click here to be taken to the playlist on our YouTube channel.  

Crossing Over Playlist Sept 2021b

In case the main Crossing Over YouTube channel is taken down, Jessica has created two back-up channels:

  1. Crossed Over w/ Jessica Arellanes
  2. revealingtheWORD

And you can click here to search for back-up Crossing Over videos on Rumble.

 Updates & Prayer Requests

  • Because of the censorship on YouTube, Dr. Pidgeon is taking advantage of other mediums to get his messages out, including his personal Facebook page.  You may be interested in reading his recent blog post on the Mark of the Beast.
  • As a reminder, we recently released two new books. The first is the Español Yom Kodesh, the Spanish version of the Yom Qodesh Hebrew Calendar, and the second is Cymroglyphics, which provides the key to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs.
  • We are continuing to add more of Dr. Pidgeon's past Shabbath meetings in an archived format to the Cepher Radio podcast list.  We have also started uploading the audio versions of past Crossing Over broadcasts, and look forward to posting Dr. Pidgeon's future Alaska Free Radio podcasts there as well.
  • We have published a new policy regarding sales on Amazon, eBay and other online sellers that are outside our Authorized Distribution network.
  • The Index Tabs are back in stock, but we are out of the English Carrying Cases as well as the Lexicons. We hope to have the Carrying Cases back in stock within a week, but may not have the Lexicons back in stock until the end of October.  We appreciate your prayers and your patience as we continue to experience supply chain disruptions.