Counting the Omer 

There are four weeks left in this year's omer count until Shavu'oth, also known as the Feast of Weeks or Pentecost, on Sunday, May 16th.  

  • Click here to download our Counting the Omer supplement to the Yom Qodesh.
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  • Click here to download the 2021-2022 Hebrew Calendar.

Feasts 2021

Behold a Black Horse

Jessica Arellanes and Dr. Stephen Pidgeon take an in-depth look at the Symbolism of Oil and Wine in relation to the Black Horse in Chizayon (Revelation) 6:5.

Black Horse

The Levitical System of Sacrifice

Jessica Arellanes and Dr. Stephen Pidgeon take a closer look at the Levitical System of Sacrifices.

Qorban Sacrificial System

Love and Forgiveness: The nature of Yah

In this episode Jessica Arellanes and Dr. Stephen Pidgeon present on the topic of Love and Forgiveness as elements of the nature of Yahuah.

Love and Forgiveness

The Life of Man and the Atonement of Mashiach

In this episode of Crossing Over, join Jessica and Dr. P as they explore the biblical concept of life and the need for atonement.


Welcome New Distributors!

Our distribution network continues to expand, both in the US and around the world.  Here are the new Distributors that have joined us in the past six months:


  • Judaica Menoráh - Columbia
  • Lighthouse Hebrew Ministries - Canada
  • Pelgrim Boeken en Muziek - The Netherlands

United States

  • Shepherd of Bethel, Inc. - Nevada
  • Salt & Pepper Christian Store - Tennessee
  • Sensations Inspired by Yaakova - South Carolina
  • The Bible Place - Florida
  • Jem Funk, LLC - Arizona
  • 1 Road 1 Way - Arkansas

The Millennium Collector's Edition

  • The large print Millennium Collector's Edition Cepher is finally on it's way, and we're hoping to receive them at our warehouse in mid-May. Measuring 9"x12"x3" and weighing 8.5 lbs., this heirloom version of the Cepher scriptures is limited to 500 copies and retails for $275.

Updates & Prayer Requests

  • The abridged את CEPHER is now available within the default e-sword library! Click here to download it for free.
  •  Dr. Pidgeon is hosting a Shabbat Fellowship at 10am PST via Zoom. If you would like to join the fellowship, please email stephen@cepher.net for access.
  • Last month we announced the mobile app update for Android devices was complete, and we are happy to let you know the iOs update for Apple devices is now available as well. The Spanish version of the app is in the final BETA testing phase, and we are hoping for an official release in the next few weeks.
  • We continue to struggle keeping up with the increased demand for our products.  We finally received the CEPHERS, Lexicons, and Bere'shiyth books to catch up on all of the back-orders, and now we're out of Ha'avoth!  We praise Yahuah for this challenge and ask for your continued prayers over our suppliers, freight companies, and warehouse staff.