The Burden of Isaiah

The book of Yesha'yahu (Isaiah) is filled with promises of restoration and redemption. Yesha'yahu declared Yahuah’s displeasure with and judgment upon sin in Yahudah (Judah), Yashar'el (Israel), and the surrounding nations as he endeavored to turn Yahuah’s people away from disobedience to avert disaster. Perhaps Yesha'yahu's greatest purpose, however, was to lay a foundation of hope and promise for the faithful remnant of Yahuah’s people. Join Dr. Stephen Pidgeon as he discusses the Burden of Isaiah.

Burden of Isaiah

The Ruach HaQodesh

In this episode of Crossing Over with Jessica Arellanes, Dr. P discusses the power of the Ruach HaQodesh (set-apart Spirit) working in and through the lives of believers.


The Season of Thanksgiving

Dr. Pidgeon wrote a blog series on the topic of Thanksgiving several years ago that you may wish to revisit as this season is once again upon us: 

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